What To Eat According To Your Taste

cafe des epices Restaurant reviews

The Cafe Des Epices is the perfect place to eat in Marrakesh, no matter your food preferences. We find important to have a menu that offers a diversity of meals, always putting forward the Moroccan specialties. Discover the different flavors.

For Vegetarian

Our vegetarian sandwich is one of the favorites at the café. We revisited the avocado toast by adding eggplant, zucchini, radish, and tomatoes. Voilà! Here’s your lunch on the go. During the chilly days, opt for the harira, the traditional Moroccan soup which is composed of only good things for you (chickpeas, lentils, onions…). We also have a selection of delicious salads for you to choose from.

Meat Lovers

For breakfast, tempt yourself and try the omelet with khlii! Khlii is a cooking method where meat is candied in fat. Our khlii is made of lamb. If you’re into your classics, try our Burger Paris-Marrakesh with cheese, eggplants, green salad… It’s the best of both worlds! For dinner, you can choose our delicious lamb tajine which is served with seasonal vegetables.

All About Fish

You haven’t tried every tajine if you didn’t taste the sardines tajine. The sardines are formed into dumplings and are eaten with carrots and peppers, which give colour to the meal. It’s a traditional Moroccan tajine. Also, we serve a classic that we never get enough, the tuna sandwich. Try ours that we put tomatoes, onions, eggs, and black olives. And tell us what you thought of it!

For my Sweet Tooth

Pistachio brownie anyone? Or a lemon pie? Perhaps an almond tart? What about ice cream? All the above. These desserts are available for you to try and share after your meal or if you perhaps for a coffee break.