Spiced Coffee and Pastries Pairing

cafe des epices Restaurant photos

Have you ever tried a spiced coffee? It’s a mix of spices like cardamom and cinnamon in your coffee. You bet that at Café des Épices you could taste one of the best, if not the best. Not to brag but we are located in front of the Spices Square remember? You probably wonder which food, or to be precise which deserts can beautifully be paired with a strong hot beverage like a spiced coffee. We suggest 3 of the following desserts on our menu.


Gazelle horns


This is a traditional dessert which is called gazelle horns because of its shape. You find these delicacies during big events like weddings which most of the time they fly very fast. You know, this specific dessert is very hard to make because of his dough. Because of the richness of its ingredients, almonds, the gazelle horns makes it one of the most elegant Moroccan dessert.


Moroccan pastries


The Moroccan pastries are often on the table when it’s time for an afternoon tea (or coffee for this matter). The one that goes particularly well with coffee is the fiqas, this Moroccan biscotti. It’s just enough sweet to make us addict and want to eat more of it. You can find fiqas with dry fruits, almonds, and even pistachio. Try them with your spiced coffee! Thank us later!



For Moroccans, the pancakes can be eaten at breakfast or during an afternoon snack called «le goûter». Often served with honey or jam, the crepe is an alternative to take a little break on baghrir or msemen, two types of Moroccan crepes. The softness and lightness of this dessert will soothe the taste of the coffee.

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